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FICPI has extensive international operations and participate as observers at meetings in WIPO, EPO and OHIM among others. FICPI also has regular meetings with representatives of the major patent offices worldwide and with representatives at various directorates at the European Commission and in other international bodies.

Every third year, FICPI arranges a world congress and the latest was held in April 2012 in Melbourne, Australia. In the years when there is not a world congress, FICPI arranges an Open Forum during two days in autumn, usually somewhere in southern Europe. At the Open Forum various international issues are dealt with, and three workshops with different orientations run parallel. There are not only speakers from FICPI but also invited lecturers from patent offices, international bodies, judges, business representatives, etc. These forums are also open for non-members, even though members participate at a reduced cost.

FICPI also conducts training in drafting of patent claims, as well in Europe as in Asia. In recent years, the organization has furthermore organized symposia in collaboration with local FICPI-groups in Asia.

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