Future meetings

  • Update: Open Seminar on European Trademark & Design Protection

    Thursday September 08 2016

    Almost everything has changed in 2016!

    Now, at this event, we will deal with all he news related to EU Trade Marks and Community Designs, and what it means for IP protection from a Scandinavian point of view. The Regulation (EU) No 2015/2424 of the European Parliament and the Council amending the Community trade mark regulation entered into force on 23 March 2016. From that day, the Office is called the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and the Community trade mark is called the European Union trade mark. But, that is not the only news…

  • The 16th FICPI Open Forum in St. Petersburg

    Wednesday October 05 2016

    Members of FICPI Russia Natalia Stepanova, Marina Grineva and Mikhail Mozhaisky will be speakers at the 16th FICPI Open Forum to be held in St. Petersburg, Russia on October 5-8, 2016.

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FICPI Sweden

FICPI Sweden is the Swedish national association of FICPI

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We are an international organization with members from more than 80 countries. FICPI represents patent and trademark attorneys in private practice and handles issues related to their work, both the practical day-to-day work and legislative issues worldwide.

FICPI has an extensive international operation, and FICPI members participate as observers in meetings of WIPO, EPO and OHIM, among others. FICPI also organizes regular meetings including representatives of the major patent offices in the world. Moreover, FICPI has regular meetings with representatives of the various directories at the European Commission as well as in other international bodies.

For Swedes, a membership in FICPI Sweden is a prerequisite for membership in FICPI. Through this membership you will get a global contact network and also the opportunity to gain an insight into, and participate in, the development of intellectual property throughout the world.

FICPI Sweden regularly arranges seminars in Sweden, focusing on current issues and trends in the international IP work. Lecturers are often FICPI members from different parts of the world. The seminars are open for everyone, although members of FICPI Sweden participate at a reduced cost.

Every three years, FICPI holds a world congress, last in April 2012 in Melbourne, Australia. In the intervening two years, FICPI organizes open fora and symposia. At the Open Forum various international issues are discussed, in three parallel series of workshops. There are not only speakers from FICPI but also invited lecturers from patent offices, international bodies, judges, business representatives, etc. These events are also open for non-members, even though members participate at a reduced cost.

FICPI also conducts education in drafting of patent claims, as well in Europe as in Asia. In recent years, the organization has furthermore organized symposia in collaboration with local FICPI groups in Asia.


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